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No matter how you take care for your teeth, sometimes accidents do happen. You may lose a tooth or suffer from a broken tooth. At other times, severe toothache can wake you in the middle of the night. These emergency dental conditions require prompt treatment. In Perth, our patients can always rely on the Emergency Dental services of the Jupiter Dental Clinic. We are prepared to handle any dental and oral emergencies that you may have.

Knocked-out Tooth

Knocked-out tooth can result from a fall or from sports-related injuries. Kids who play rough or individuals who engage in contact sports can have their tooth knocked out of its socket. Try to locate your knocked-out tooth and rinse it with water. Put it back into its socket if possible. When handling the knocked-out tooth, be careful to touch only the crown and not the root. You can then secure the tooth by biting down on it. If you cannot put the tooth back into its socket, then you can immerse it in a glass of milk. It is also possible to put it inside your cheek. 

It is ideal to visit Jupiter Dental Clinic at once so we can provide you with the best possible emergency dental treatment for knocked-out tooth.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Sometimes, biting on a piece of hard food can crack or chip the teeth. This can also occur because of a fall, a sports-related injury, or other types of accident. If only a small piece of the tooth is missing, you can visit Jupiter Dental Clinic during normal business hours. However, if you see that there is a large piece of tooth that is missing, you should visit us at once.

Our team of Emergency Dental professionals will evaluate the severity of the broken tooth. What we would like to assess here is the risk of nerve damage. If there are any, then our dentists will have to perform a root canal treatment. For minor cracks, we can apply a light polish to smoothen rough spots. For cracked tooth, our dentists can apply a filling material and devise a dental crown.

Severe Toothache

There will always be instances when you find one of your teeth in severe pain. This can be due to a tooth abscess or an impacted tooth. The Jupiter Dental Clinic provides emergency management for severe toothaches, too. Our dentists will perform a thorough examination of the painful tooth. This is to help identify the possible cause of the problem.

From here, we can then provide you with the best possible care. If there is an abscess, our dentists can remove the pus in preparation for a root canal treatment. They can also prescribe appropriate painkillers and antibiotics to help manage the pain and the infection.

Broken tooth, knocked-out tooth, and severe toothache are some of the dental conditions that require immediate treatment. At Jupiter Dental Clinic, we are always ready to help manage your dental emergencies. Please call our nearest clinic and speak with our friendly staff to book your appointment.


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