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General Dentistry

Brushing your teeth alone will not give you optimum oral and dental health. You will still need the professional skills of a dentist and a dental hygienist to get healthier teeth and gums. This is the key to maintaining optimum oral and dental health. At Jupiter Dental Clinic, our general dentistry services can help you achieve such a state of dental health.

Dental Hygiene

At Jupiter Dental Clinic, we focus on keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. We provide high-quality dental procedures such as scaling and cleaning. This is especially true in the case of tartar buildup. Tartar are very stubborn deposits on the surface of the teeth that may be very difficult to remove using ordinary brushing alone. This is important in the prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Preventative Treatments

Preventative treatments are an important component of Jupiter’s general dentistry services. Fluoride treatments can help strengthen the surface of the teeth. This makes the teeth more resistant against acid wear and tooth decay. Our dental professionals can provide you with fluoride varnish and fluoride trays.

Dental Restorations

Jupiter Dental Clinic professionals can also help restore the integrity of your teeth. This is especially true when there is substantial damage to the teeth. We employ only the most effective and proven treatments that can address such issues to bring back the confidence in your smile. We have restorative treatments such as dental fillings and root canal treatments to restore the integrity of your teeth.

Dental Anxiety

Dental visits can be a very stressful experience. At Jupiter Dental Clinic, we provide a supportive environment that will make patients feel more at ease. Our treatments are less invasive than others, yet equally-effective.

Our experienced and friendly team at Jupiter Dental Clinic strives to provide only the best general dentistry services for everyone.

Dental Hygiene

Scale & Clean: keep your teeth and gums healthy with regular scale and cleans. 

Dental Decay / Restorations

Root Canal Treatment 

Dental Anxiety

At Jupiter Dental we are happy to work with anxious patients and provide a supportive environment to enable them to achieve optimal dental health. 

Preventive Treatments

Fluoride trays 
Fluoride Varnish 
Fluoride is one of the world’s most successful health interventions. Fluoride works by hardening the tooth surface, thus making it more resistant to dental decay and acid wear.


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